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Stupid Question

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    I am sure that my questions are stupid. If we have a Hilbert space H, what do we mean by the closed subspace of H. Also, Does every Hilbert space have an identity? :P.

    Could any one please clean to me these things .
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    A subspace of a vector space (and a Hilbert space is a vector space) is a nonempty set X such that

    • [itex]x,y\in X~\Rightarrow~x+y\in X[/itex]
    • [itex]x\in X,\alpha\in \mathbb{C}~\Rightarrow~\alpha x\in X[/itex]

    A Hilbert space also comes equipped with a norm:


    and a set X is closed under the norm if for all convergent sequences in X it holds that the limit is in X.

    A closed subspace is something that is both a subspace and closed.

    What do you mean with identity?? It has a 0, which is the additive identity...
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    Thank You.
    I mean 1.
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    That doesn't really help me. What is 1 supposed to mean??
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    1 is the multiplicative identity
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    And since when does a Hilbert space have a multiplication??
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    Oops, thank you, that is why the question is stupid.
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    There are no stupid questions :tongue2:
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