Stupid wheel of fortune contestants

  1. Pengwuino

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    Why is it that everytime i decide to stick around after jeopardy, i get to be fascinated at the stupidity of some wheel of fortune contestants. When they have a very long puzzle... especially with a jackpot thingy... why is it that they solve soooooo early in the round? Theres maybe.... 1 in 20 odds you'll get a crumby spin? I'd milk it! Especially with that jackpot. Man these people are crazy.

    Get out of my thread yomamma.
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  3. JamesU

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    Cyrus, I think this thread needs a new topic, the OP can't make a good thread if his/her life depended on it...
  4. Danger

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    Penguin... Yomamma... why the hell don't you two just get married so you're bickering will make sense to the rest of us?
  5. Is that part of your signature now ?:rofl:
  6. Man, its too bad I don't know you pengwuino, or I'd sock you in the gut for your dumb threads.

    Go watch some porn or something, dammit. It will keep you busy, your hands tied (no more dumb posts and threads), and occupy you for hours on end.
  7. Pengwuino is right - game shows are very stupid. And it's contagious too.
  8. Pengwuino

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    As usual...
  9. Don't you have a job, take classes, do anything with your life? You're like a housewife, you go around cooking all day and watching game shows. Only they have kids and you dont....Pathetic.
  10. Pengwuino

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    Go back to class coca-cola.
  11. Evo

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    Aw, I think it's kinda cute, like puppy love.
  12. JamesU

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    :confused: :surprised
  13. Ivan Seeking

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    So this explains your political views. Instead of watching quality programming like the News Hour on PBS, you watch game shows. :rolleyes:
  14. Pengwuino

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    What a pathetic insult. M _ D - E _ ST CONF_ _ CT.

    I'd like to buy a vowel, a U.
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