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A SU(5) grand unification

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    Hi there,

    My question about grand unification based on SU(5) symmetry group ..

    I read in some papers, like that

    The Higgs scalars grand representation are only 5, 24, 45, and 15, while the fermions grand representations are only 5, 10 , and 24..

    I wonder why there is no for instance 15 representation for fermions ? do any one has an idea ..

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    If I recall well, it has to do with the chirality of the SM and how it's embedded within SU(5)?
    check the discussion in 2.2 for example and how the 15 (and 35) is killed as a candidate.
    I hope it helps... although I don't understand why you'd use the 24 repr for the fermions; are they majorana?
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    Thanx for the replies.
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