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Subconcious Thoughts

  1. Feb 8, 2004 #1
    I think that subconcious minds are our minds that havn't been tainted by society and such.

    If you trust your subconcious mind, then usually you will do the "right" thing for you. Now, theoretically speaking, there has to be a way that you can, in a sense "open" your door into your subconcious mind, and let it run free along with your thoughts? I'm not sure I am making much sense, but I beleive that I have done something like this, or I have opened another door in my mind.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. Feb 8, 2004 #2
    if you could open that door, would you enter it?
  4. Feb 8, 2004 #3
    Yes, without a doubt. It is quite odd, I beleive I have opened it somehow, it is so unreal. The thoughts that I am getting now are so much more intense, and so many that I cannot control what goes on. It just does not end... Any thoughts?
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    i had a similar experience. it subsides after time. consider two terminals of a battery. they are kept separate so that there will remain an unbalance and when they are short-circuited, balance is restored yet there is energy, intense energy, given off during the balancing period. also, a rheostat (?) still stays warm when it regulates energy between two unbalanced flows. once there is balance, the intensity does subside to a cool warmth and it feels very nice indeed.

    i would start writing. just let words flow out of you. and save it somewhere; don't publish it. but read it when you next wake up and see what you wrote. that can be a more interesting experience than one might think.
  6. Feb 8, 2004 #5
    I've began to do this, I have set up a livejournal account - Phrenis. I just let what I am feeling out, I started posting a few feelings here and there, but on my last few post, I just let loose.

    Anywhom, I did do that before - During class I was partially asleep/awake, and I just started writing random things on my notepad and I woke later to read what I was writing. It made no sense at all... Though I can't say it didn't because I don't know what I was feeling at the moment. So yeah lol[b(]
  7. Feb 8, 2004 #6
    that all sounds very familiar to me.
  8. Feb 8, 2004 #7
    When did this happen to you?
  9. Feb 8, 2004 #8
    it's been happening since december of 2002. it gradually started prior to that but there was a near total unleashing of myself starting in december of 2002. those familiar with me from mkaku.org remember what i do not. do you have journal commentary notify you when you receive a comment, cuz i sent you a comment.

    but i think this is off topic a bit (that conversation is probably for another time and place). do you want to get back to the subconscious?
  10. Feb 8, 2004 #9
    We are off a bit haha . But it's all good, I find one on one conversaition on subjects such as this are good.

    But I do have a question about this - Would you agree that strong emotions could be opening these "doors"?

    For me this has been going on since about december of 2003, obviously not as long as yourself - but enough for me to know there is something different. Like for me, I am having memory lapses (i think that is what they are called) where I see myself doing something, but other people see me just doing nothing.

    (EDIT) Now what was this webpage you said about earlier, I want to check this out...
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  11. Feb 8, 2004 #10
    or maybe we are on a bit...

    what came first, the chicken or the egg? did the strong emotions open the doors or did the opened doors bring on the strong emotions? perhaps both.

    that is just part of the way it seems to work for some people. i have gone through similar things. that's why i asked if you would go through the door if you opened it because many people don't want memory lapses and whatever else might be in the 'fine print.'

    well, you may find it helpful, you may not. just let your truest instincts drive your selections as to what to read. you may find that you forget what you read if you're prone to memory lapses. or you may not. it depends on the person.

    the site is called the universal sight discussion forum and is mainly for people just as yourself.

    it is in my signature below:
  12. Feb 8, 2004 #11
    If I may ask, do you have a AIM handle..? If you could PM it to me, I would like to talk to you in a more steady pace..
  13. Feb 20, 2004 #12
    just to share something with all of you about myself.

    when i was 18 or so i was so curious about all kinds of things,even psychics or everything i thought was mysterious.i started practising intuition,feelings and emotions long time ago.nowadays,i would feel the energy someone would release if he/she intends to harm me.there was a time when i tried to subconciously discover myself;its a state btn sleep and awake;like you are sleeping but able to 'feel'.i was scared to go on,i didnt want to leave my physical body into something that i didnt know about or completely had no clue on.i keep feeling im ahead of time;like time doesnt exist.i interact with all kinds of pple and feel all sorts of energies.my problem is that i dont know where all this is going.
  14. Feb 20, 2004 #13
    in my mind, it could be phrased along these lines:
    except that it's conscious discovery.
  15. Oct 14, 2006 #14
    I know this is a very old thread but. . .
    yeah I was doing this kind of stuff when I was pretty young (under 10)

    "I am having memory lapses (i think that is what they are called) where I see myself doing something, but other people see me just doing nothing."

    I get that too, however I do remember and I know what is going on. Im pretty sure its just a creative mind though.
  16. Oct 14, 2006 #15
    Hmm.. it is interesting. If suppose you have a person that never saw another human being, be in a society, and have zero social contact. Would the guy get a boner when he sees a naked girl?
  17. Oct 15, 2006 #16
    lets test it out on somebody
  18. Oct 15, 2006 #17
    Ok. What about you?
  19. Oct 16, 2006 #18
    I was thinking you. But um.. lets try Mr.Dress-up he seems the most un-tainted out of everybody.
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