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Subgroup notation

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    my lecturer use [itex]\leq[/itex] for subgroup.
    For example
    [itex]H \leq S[/itex] means H is a subgroup of S.
    But is it a wrong use of notation as the less-than-equal sign is about number?
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    No, there are, after all, only a finite number of symbols and an infinite number of possible concepts in mathematics! As long as you are careful to say how you are using a symbol, you can "overload" it.
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    Moreover, this is a frequent notation. See for instance this online course: http://user.math.uzh.ch/halbeisen/4students/gt.html" [Broken]

    Go to "Subgroups"
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    In fact, I've never seen this notation not used.
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    In some books any special notation for H being a subgroup of G is carefully avoided. Words are always being used. In some other books it is written [tex]H\subset G[/tex] and you have to deduce from the context that H is a subgroup of G.
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