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Subject for presentation, help.

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    I'm in this terrible humanities class this semester, Bioethics is the name of it, and we all have to do a presentation that is program related. I'm in science, so I need to choose a topic that is related to science. It has to have ethical implications. I was thinking of nuclear power, should we use it, do the benefits outweigh the risks, etc. A lot of other people are doing it on genetics, cloning, DNA fingerprinting, etc. Other people chose things like animal testing and whether or not it was worth it investing huge sums of money in the space program, just to give you an idea of what kind of thing I'm looking for. I was hoping to do it on marijuana and the health "risks" associated with it but my teacher seems to think that that is a topic that fits with the social science program. I agree with her but I was still disappointed. I was also considering doing it on milk because I hear that milk is in fact not as good as the media presents it to be, but again that seems to fit into the social science category. Anyway, I was hoping that you guys could help me choose an interesting topic, preferably chemistry related although this isn't crucial. Just shoot, give me as many ideas as possible, if you wouldn't mind. I need to pick a topic by Wednesday, today is Sunday. THank you very much.

    May you continue to rock on.
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    Nuclear power is not a good one, b/c hear in the US the risk are so extremely low.

    Milk is a good debate, not alot of info out their on it. The info you find will be conflicting.

    On the same lines of food - pork would be a good one. The only means of preservation is nitrites which are carcenagenic (sp?)

    How about the governments intervention on drug testing procedures. For example, a person with ALS, is awaiting IGF-1 Viral Vector, but due to the red tape, most will be dead before it is approved.

    Got go, someone is honking at me, later
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    What makes you decide to say that? When I was in MI, I heard there was a crack in one of the nuclear containments in the state. AND he is from Canada :)

    Bioethics.. how about the risk that the chemical DHMO poses to society :wink: or the impact that the human genome sequence will have on future generations..
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    DHMO, yeah, that would be a good one. I'd probably fool the whole class including the teacher. And they would never know but only fear the threat that is water. ahaha.
    Good stuff you crazy mothers, keep them coming...We are now approaching Monday, the time of reckening is soon upon us.
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    Tuesday is approaching, the hour of judgement is soon at hand.
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