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News Submarines For Drug Traffickers!

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    I have to say, I was prepared to laugh this off until I got to the part about the twin screws, AC, and the fact that it is not a stolen or re purposed vessel. This is submarine built in the damned jungle for the express purpose of smuggling cocaine. That, is both terrible, and amazing.

    Here is the story:

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    I remember seeing a NG story on this a year or so ago. Those drug lords sure are crafty. But this is all the more reason on why we need to up border security and the war on drugs.

    Have you ever watched how they make cocaine? It is absolutely astonishing that you don't die instantly from your first use (the same can be said for any other drug).
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    Yawn. Back in the early 90s an Israeli rented out a full blown Russian Submarine and crew and packed the insides of it filled with drugs from central America to the coats of FL.
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    Yes, but that isn't at all impressive because, as you say, they RENTED IT. I don't think that it's so impressive that submarines exist, and that individuals can own them. I AM impressed that they built this, from "scratch" in the jungle. This isn't a retrofit, this is a bottom-up approach to try and make it untraceable.

    KalemMekhar: It is indeed, and even more so with methamphetamine.
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    Um, the Israeli dude bought 6 of these helicopters, along with trying to get a Russian sub.


    When I say submarine, I don't mean that rinky dinky thing you linked to, I mean this:

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    Ahh the MI-8T. Russian helos are an interest of mine. Any link to the story about the Israeli? I'd like to read it.
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