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Suggestion Subsections within GD

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    I visit GD section daily for a light reading, I wish the Fun/Games section were not in a separate subsection. (I stopped reading that section ever since the subsection was created). I am fine with P&WA or Philosophy have their on subsections; but puzzles/trivia/relationships need not be. P&WA/Philosophy are serious topics. But for puzzles/trivia/relationships, a flat structure without any hierarchy is more appealing for casual reading.

    After the relationships/games/puzzles moved to their own subsections, I think the quality of the threads directly under GD has significantly dropped.
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    They haven't changed. Some people say that the fun/games/relationships section are the more frivolous parts of GD. And if you like those discussions, you no longer have to hunt for them within all of GD.

    Greg decided to separate them, and I have to agree, it was a good idea.
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    No. of viewers, no. of posts, the ratio of viewer/poster at different times for some of the popular threads would provide some good data points. Popular threads like, The photo contest, lame jokes might be suitable for this analysis.
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    Before we had the split, game and photo threads dominated the front page and because they are on-going, they stayed there for many many months and years. With the split we give more threads a chance.
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