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Subsonic aircrafts

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    hello... i have alot of questions :smile: soo i hope that i can answer this one to...

    i´m trying to know were can i get information about planes that flight in the subsonic regime of mach.. for example civil planes, or even military planes... thanks people...
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    It depends upon what kind of information you want. One of the best over-all sources is the print media. Plane & Pilot magazine, Private Pilot, and similar routinely have articles on particular models, as well as tech sections and Q & A pages. You can also get manufacturers' brochures, the same as for cars.
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    Try using Google or Yahoo or any other search enginee and finding what you need that way. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask.
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    hello.. the problem is that i have to make a subject about low speed airfoil's and i´m trying to find information of airctaft's that flight at subsonic regime to present as example... soo if you can help me it would be very goog.. thanks
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    i still dont understand your question...

    does the wright flier count in this sub sonic catergoy or are you talking about more modern planes
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    I'm pretty sure that Fred just posted a link to low-speed airfoils in the past week or so. Try a forum search.
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    I have three words for y'all.

    John D Anderson!!!
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