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Subspace prove question

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    V is a vector space on feild F and there is a series[tex]v=(v_1,v_2,v_3,v_4)[/tex]
    which is independent on V
    of V
    prove that
    W_1\cap W_2=sp(v2)
    its obvious v2 exists in both groups .
    how am i supposed to prove it
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    [itex]W_1\cap W_2[/itex] is a subspace of W1, and W1 has dimension 2, it has dimension 1 or 2. If it has dimension 2, the it is equal to W2. But W_1 contains v1 which is not in [itex]W_1\cap W_2[/itex] so it is not of dimension 2.
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