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Substance and knowledge

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    Atoms have organized themselves into structures that have the capacity of thought and self awareness. With this in mind, one has to wonder/ask as to how deep into the atomic world does mind penetrate? To some the answer is obvious, that consciousness (mind/energy) is all there is in the universe.

    I have heard some say that God is so complicated that man cannot understand him. I am not playing with words here but I think the opposite is true. That man is so complicated that he cannot understand God. God's mind, which is also the mind of man, is uniform and monistic. Albert Einstein's famous field equation shows this E=MC^2. That everything in the universe is composed of energy (whatever that is) or if you wish, light.

    We know that the universe is composed of only one "substance". Knowledge is created by man fragmenting the universe and labeling it as such. For an example, we state that there are many different types of trees. We notice that some trees have different shapes in their leaves and the bark has different characteristics than it's cousins but they are all trees. We claim that birds and fish are different, and outer appearances make us think that. In a more simpler definition, a bird is an organism that flies through the atmosphere and a fish is an organism that flies through the water. The way they transport themselves is only different in the medium they travel through. Since water is basically oxygen and hydrogen, the only difference between water and air is it's basic structure since the atmosphere is also composed of oxygen and hydrogen

    Water is a good example of a uniform, monistic substance and can be used as an analogy of the basic component of the universe, that being energy. At it's most basic level, the universe is composed only of energy. We can call fish, trees, people, water, automobiles and skyscrapers structures of energy. Claiming a tree is different from a fish or a rock is fragmenting the universe into smaller and smaller (or bigger and bigger) pieces. Knowledge is created by the human race labeling different structures of energy. It is like claiming that one drop of water is different than the another.

    We humans even divide water into parts. We draw invisible lines in water and call them Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. There are no barriers between these bodies of water.. Just the same, there are no "United States" or "United Kingdom". These political boundaries have no more Truth to them than the "seven seas of the world"

    Don't get me wrong, the knowledge that man has created is extremely important to our survival and the pursuit of greater understanding of ourselves but from a spiritual point of view, knowledge CAN become redundant.
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    u believe in reductionism?
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    To Evil

    I believe in reductionism as a tool of science but if you read carefully in my posting I state that reductionism has its limitations in revealing the true nature of the world. Furthermore, reductionism also causes illusion as to what is "truth".
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    I was under the impression that matter and energy are two completely separate things. Are you saying matter is really just energy? I'm not challenging you, maybe it is, I just may have been mistaken. Even so, the energy is manifested as matter for us to interact with. Since there is still a scientific difference between air and water, we can determine a concrete difference between a bird and a fish, like you said, the medium they travel through. If I write a book about this called The Birds and the Fish then the knowledge now exists in corporeal form (as long as there's someone alive to read it). Of course God won't read it; he already knows all there is to know. So the knowledge is really just relevant to us, so we call it "human knowledge". It's not permanent. If the planet Earth explodes, all of it will be lost.
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    To False:

    You said it. Matter is just another manifestion of energy. I guess you could say that we live in "the land of frozen light".

    For the sake of learning about the world around us we have to assign certain characteristics to things.

    As far as the bird and fish idea, I stole that from the late physicist David Bohm. He was pointing out the same thing as I was. Even the term "universe" imples some type of "oneness" or unity of all things.

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