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Successful Double Slit Experiment

  1. Dec 4, 2011 #1
    I performed a successful double slit experiment this morning. I'm doing it for my science fair, and I spent four hours last night trying to figure it out. I used every material I had that could be used. This morning, I woke up, rushed to the bathroom, and grabbed a comb. I used electical tape to cover up all the teeth, except for two little slits. I fired it off, and after some minor adjustments, Had an interference pattern on the wall.

    This is what I would suggest anybody to do for a cheap double slit experiement!

    I used:
    A comb (one where the teeth are REALLY close together.)
    Green electric tape (silver duct tape didn't work for some reason. I'm sure any non shiney one that absorbs the light well will work)
    A cheap ruby laser pointer (litterally got it when I was around 7 for like five bucks.)
    I used a plastice cup with the laser pointer taped on top of it for a base (read about it during my studies.)
    Make sure you have at least a meter in between the screen and the laser if you want a good interference pattern. I got amazing results at like five meters.

    I'll post pictures soon enough! I'm so excited I finally got this experiment to work, and it was much easier than what people always tell you (with the razor blades shaving the microscope slide.)

    My next goal is to make it look prettier (it looks very "hewn together" right now.)
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