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News Sudanese Crisis ignored by all

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    Why is the Sudanese genocide being ignored by the world, almost a million black denizens of dafur have already been drivn out of thier homes with no way to survive other than food expensively air lifted, and countless have been killed :mad: ? Yet the global community does not seem to flinch. Is it because most people are not aware of it or simply because they dont give a crap?

    Why is the U.S the valiant champion of all that is right, who invaded iraq because of evil Saddam, hesitating to take military action in Sudan?
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    The US (Colin Powell) went to the UN and used the "G" word to describe the situation. Usage of that word compells action under international law. The UN's (Kofi Anan's) response - to castigate Colin Powell for not being more careful with his words. Pathetic.

    Bush supposedly has a pro-active foreign policy: well right here is where he needs to put his money where his mouth is. He gave the UN its chance, now he needs to act alone. That'll be 3 strikes for the UN - and they're out.

    As for why, I don't think its that people don't care, just that they don't care much. Europe (but not the UN) cared about Yugoslavia enough to act because Yugoslavia is in Europe. France cares about the Ivory Coast enough to act because it was a French colony. They all cared about Kuwait enough in 1991 because they had their oil interests in mind. But the Sudan is not in their backyard, so they don't care enough to act.
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    Hey, ever read (the 108th) Congress' "Comprehensive Peace in Sudan Act" (S2781)? You can search for it here (the link will expire otherwise I'd just post it). You'll want S.2781.ES. Be sure to search the 108th Congress.
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    ...maybe if they were fair skinned the west might care a little more ???

    Why doesn't Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) get in there and do something seeing as how he is black and muslim and supposedly has mana in those communities instead of organising another million man march to boost his cred again ???
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