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Sugar alcohols and their effect on your teeth.

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    I'm addited to Orbit gum, and they tout it as being good for your teeth. It has no sugar (in the glucose/sucrose sense), but it has "sugar alcohols" listed as the only ingredient of any import. So, are "sugar alcohols" somehow magically sweet and yet not bad for your teeth, or by chewing Orbit constantly am I doing as much damage to my teeth as I would be by chewing gum that used regular old sugar for sweetening?

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    I know sugars feed the bacteria that are on your teeth. After the bacteria consume the sugar they produce waste(acids) which break down the enamel on your teeth. Thats why after you drink a soda you can feel the plaque on your teeth get worse. I don't know about the "sugar alcohols" though, if a bacteria consumes them or not, you may have to ask a biologist.
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    Whenever you brush, dont' soak the toothbrush with water, and don't rinse too much. Brush for at least 1.5 minutes. That should do it.
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