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Homework Help: Sugar dissolving in hot water

  1. Mar 9, 2006 #1
    A spoonful of sugar is dissolving in hot water. The initial mass of the sugar was 7 grams
    and 5 minutes later the mass present had halved. The mass of sugar, S grams, at time
    t minutes after it was placed in the hot water can be modelled by S(t) = S0e^−kt, t ≥ 0.

    b Find the exact value of k.
    i sub it in the equation where i got :
    S(t)= 7e^-5k
    what does S(t) equals? does it equals to 35?

    thank you
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    So the model is

    [tex]s\left( t \right) = s\left( 0 \right)e^{ - kt}[/tex].

    You already know s(0), that's 7. That leaves one unknown parameter, k. But you have extra information, s(5) = 3.5, let's plug this in:

    [tex]3.5 = 7e^{ - k5} [/tex]

    Can you solve for k?
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    oh okai i did not read the question properly. it do not see the halving part.
    thank you anywayz
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    You're welcome :smile:
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