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Suggest a book

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    So, since this is my first post on this forum I'd like to say hello to everyone. This year SAT-like exams are introduced in my school so I want to revise all the material from these 4 years of high-school education. I've tried Serway's book - it's nice, I can understand it completely, but I need an algebra-based book. It would be great if there's a Serway-like algebra book ;). The material is pretty much everything: Newton's mechanics, fluid mechanics, waves, optics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism and a bit of quantum mechanics (maybe I missed something, but you get the idea). I've studied all those topics with no problems, but I can't quite remember everything at the moment :(.

    Btw, I hope this is the right forum for this question, thanks in advance :)
    No, it's not :( Can someone please move it?
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    It's an older book, and some of the ideas are a bit obsolete, but it will still make you think. The subject is AI and the Mind. It's called The Improbable Machine by Jeremy Campbell. ISBN 0-671-65711-9
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    Welcome to the PF, dzogi. I'm of no help on your question, unfortunately, but I think you will get some helpful responses here. Your post has been moved to the matching PF forum.
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