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Suggest me please

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    I 'd like to read what people discuss about evolutionary, computational biology, but I don't think I like to hold a test tube on one hand, wear a pair of protective glasses and hold some othe things on the other hand in a biology lab, I never been to any biolabs before, never know how they look like, and what they have. Would you please tell me what researches do people in evolutionary biology or computationally biology do before graduating from colleges ? I am not a biology student, I am just honestly wondering if what they are doing is of my interest. Papers, discussions really attract me a lot, but playing with test tube and chhemicals is not really what i am into.

    Some suggestions please...plz...p..l....zzzz...I am very Thankful for your answers...
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    Computational biologists, or theoretical biologists mainly work with blackboard and computer. For evolutionary biologists it depends on the direction of their research, it could be in a lab with test tubes and chemicals in order to compare DNA or doing carbon dating, but it can also be more theoretical as in trying to develop models of speciation.
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    You can also go into bioinformatics or biostatistics, writing programs and doing data analysis.
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