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Suggestion for a book

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    Guys,can you all suggest a nice and decent book on quantam physics for a 16 year old.I really am in need of it.I don't want any textbooks but a book like "the brief history of space time" but only focussing on quantam physics and mainly string theory would be absolutely great.thank you.
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    Have you picked up Brian Greene's "The Elegant Universe"?
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    Yea I have read it.
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    Guth's 1997 "The Inflationary Universe" may be a little out of date, but, if I'd read it when I was 16, I might have a BSc instead of an arts degree.
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    Ok I will try that out.thank you.
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    I really like Ghirardi's book on QM. It's not easy for laymen, but has great content.
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    Sure.I will see that too.thank you.
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