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Suggestion for nanotechnology books?

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    I'm looking for a 'popular science book' that gives a good overview of current nanotechnology advancements.
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    Two years old now and a lite read there is "Nanotechnology: A gentle introduction to the Next Big Idea" by Mark Ratner and Daniel Ranter. I think it would fit the term "popular science book." No math easy to read, no good references though for the reader who wants to go further.

    Also “Understanding Nanotechnology” by Scientific American, editors at Scientific American is grouped with the Ratners book by Amazon.com. It is by Scientific America so this might also fit the bill.
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    It doesn't have to be a lite read, as long that it covers a wide field of applications and some future applications. I read reviews on the Scientific American one, which seemed to be very conservative in their examples and future respectives. I guess I'll go for the Ranter book, which seems to give a good overview and thus make a good present :smile: .. it sure will lead to some hype-discussions :rolleyes:
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    You may find Soft Machines: Nanotechnology and Life interesting. It argues that future advancements in nano-engineering will not be like scaled down versions of modern machines but will mostly resemble molecular biology.

    A sample pdf can be found at the Oxford site.

    Oh, the author's blog is also work checking out.
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    I've only read one book on nanotech, but I really liked it, and it's very accessible. It's Engines of Creation by Eric Drexler.


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    If you are interested in a nice physical overview (some solid state physics is required to make the reading more easy, though everything is very well explained-so you certainly DON't need to be a specialist) i suggest "Introduction to nanotechnology" by C P Poole Jr. and F J Owens

    I really enjoyed that book

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