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Suggestion for photo contests

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    When members post photos for the contests, they sometimes have a small snippet/phrase which helps put their photo in context. I feel when a new voting thread is opened, these snippets might be placed along with the photo, if we voters don't remember what the picture was about when we saw the contest thread. Since the contestants don't write more than a phrase/line I thought this wouldn't be too hard to do. I feel this will help in the voting decision.
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    Another suggestion might be to enter the picture with a pm to the mentor in charge of the photo contest. The mentor would post all pictures anonymously so that voting can be about the pictures and not about the most favorite PF member.
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    Also am the only one who finds the moment it has ended is a bit vaguely known and there is not an announcement of a winner; that the end is an anticlimax?
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    Erm...what? There is a sticky with the thread winners which is updated after each contest.
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    Maybe, but I'd like to know who won at the end of the day.They should at least mention the winners when it is added to the sticky.
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    I think keeping the photos anonymous until the winner is announced would be great! Many times I will not vote because I don't want to be forced to choose between members (when I like both pictures equally). If the pictures were anonymous, I'd start participating again.

    The only drawback is that it would put an extra burden on Zz.
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    I'm happy to volunteer taking the pm's, posting the pix anonymously and put in the contestants after the voting.
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    So what have the admins to say about this? Any news?
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