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Suggestion: Forum Icons

  1. Mar 24, 2008 #1
    I was wondering if it would be possible to have the forum icon change when there are new posts in subscribed threads in the forum. Kind of how it changes colour when there are new posts in any thread in the forum, maybe have a different colour for when there are new posts in a subscribed thread.

    It would make it a little bit easier to check just the threads I'm already following (I know, I'm lazy, just thought this would be a cool feature).

    Edit: The main use would be to follow a thread in a forum I don't usually spend much time on, and therefore don't often check.
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    If you click the my PF button on the top left then you see a list of all your updated subscribed threads. I find that a useful way to keep track.
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    I like that suggestion, even though I don't usually subscribe to threads. If, for example, the icon changed orange when someone replied to a subscribed thread in a forum, I might actually use the thread subscription feature more often. As it is, I forget I've subscribed and then don't bother checking the list, and it does me very little good, so I don't bother.
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    I actually use my subscribed threads list very often. At first I found it annoying when I would get an email every time someone responded to my threads. Once, I turned that off however, and all I had was the list of threads on My PF, it became more useful than annoying. I enjoy having the list of threads I'm interested in right on My PF.

    To NeoDevin:

    What you're suggesting sounds cool, but I think overall its somewhat less useful than the My PF list of subscriptions, since you would not know which thread was updated if you had more than one in a given forum.
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    I know it's not generally as useful, but I never think to check that list, and sometimes I'm following a thread in a forum I don't usually frequent, and then I end up forgetting about it for a few days/weeks/months. If the forum icons changed orange (or something) when there was a reply to a subscribed thread, then it would be easy to see at a glance on the main page whether or not someone has replied to a discussion I'm interested in.
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