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  1. I am sure this would have been pointed out before.
    Still I would like to bring it to the notice of admins and advisers.

    Having a new feature(especially in homework questions) where the poster can click a button (after his query has been completely cleared ) to indicate that the question has now been solved.)

    this will put the existing thread into a new subsection called solved homework questions .
    Doing so would give more space to other unsolved questions which lag behind or go to next page .

    It will save time for helpers as they will now not open this thread.
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  3. Or you can make it that the poster plus the helper should both type in its solved.
    (the mechanism can be anything.The basic idea of such a feature is what am suggesting)
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    We had this type of feature before. For some reason it stopped working and we can't get it fixed. Perhaps Greg (or somebody else) can chip in and tell what exactly the problem was...
  5. I think it's a nice idea. It's similar to people editing the subject line of their thread to include [SOLVED], but a.) it looks nicer (there aren't a bunch of threads on the board that are already solved), and b.) it takes less effort, and thus people are more likely to use it.

    If this could be implemented, I'm all for it. :)
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    I loved the feature, but I don't think "question posters" were using it much. They would get their question answered but not bother to come back and make use of it.
  7. Well i think if you users arent using it on mass scale we should still have this feature.
    In case the OP doesn't change it , other posters can initiate the request for marking the question as solved.

    The OP then gets an email and notification asking if his query was cleared.
    If he doesnt reply for a over a period of 30 days its assumed to be solved.
    (and the OP has the right to even reverse a solved question to open category in case he has some doubts left).

    If we had this before then its great.I think we should have it back.
  8. Evo

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    There was a reason that it had to be removed, I don't recall right now, just that it's not returning.
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