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Suggestion on major.

  1. Oct 22, 2011 #1
    Hello everyone, i am in my third year of university and need of some guidance. Where to begin, i have 72 credits and a 2.340 gpa in Electrical Engineering due mostly to work(at a bank), social life and life, since my parents cannot help me with my bills. I know one thing is certain, i have come too far and will not drop out. Next semester i am quitting work and focusing on school for a year but after some calculations, even if i get all A's my gpa will not be more than a 3.1. Given that i have work experience in general, would having a gpa <3.0 not make me unqualified for a job upon graduation in this current economy?
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    At this point the best thing to do is earn the highest grades you can and finish your degree. An upward trend your final 2 years is a plus. You should emphasize your work experience when applying for jobs.
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    The first question is: Do you really like EE? Not just for the money, but do you like it. If so, I am going to make a suggestion I am sure a lot of people are not going to agree, BUT here goes:

    I suggest IF.......AND ONLY IF you are serious to finish your degree and that you have a strong will and you take your commit/promise to yourself very serious, to take one semester off and continue work. Then you use the time to restudy back the important subjects you missed. The first subject is CALCULUS!!!!

    CALCULUS!!!! Start from page ONE, make sure you understand all the mean value, rollie's, limits, fundamental theorem........ of the first semester. For the second semester, make sure you study good the methods of integrations, polar coordinates and particular the power series approximation of functions. If you have already studied third semester, make sure you under all the subjects in vector value function, line integral, divergence and stoke's theorems.

    Then if you have time, study back the basic circuit theorems and some of the classes you did badly. Calculus is the language of science, pick up any of the advanced division or graduate subjects, they explain in language of calculus and derive all the formulas from calculus. You won't be able to really understand those unless you have a good foundation on Calculus.

    The reason I suggested that is because I did the same thing. I hit so many road blocks in studying advanced topics because I don't understand Calculus. I goofed around when I was in college. 4 years ago, I really buttoned down, studying Calculus starting from page ONE!!! I can assure you if you don't do good in Calculus, you are going to really really have a hard time studying electromagnetic theory in the upper division. Getting "C" in a class pretty much mean you don't quite get the subject. Be honest, unless you are in the top schools, you have to FAIL the class!!!! Been there, done that.....no offense.

    You are young, time is still on your side. BUT if you do choose this route, you really have to make a strong commitment to yourself to do this and go back to school. I know a lot of people will just slack off and stop going to school.......and that will be 10 times worst.

    Only do this if you trust your will, that you really commit to go back to school AND you do have the discipline to commit at least 15 to 20 hours a week studying. Yes, this is a strong commitment and only for someone that has a strong will......not for the weak. I did it and I am so happy I did it. I study all the way to PDE on my own putting in 20 to 30 hours week in the last few years.
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    Yungman, to answer your fist question as whether i like EE aside from the money is yes. I enjoyed doing circuit and electromagnetism during my physics 2 course. I have a good understanding of Calculus and i have already completed Cal 1 through 3. Performed very well in Calculus 2 earning an A. I am very serious about this and i will also start doing what you suggested about studying more. Thank you and also Edgepflow.
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    jim hardy

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    ""would having a gpa <3.0 not make me unqualified for a job upon graduation in this current economy?"""

    we can't all be the valedictorian and go into research.

    if your grades place you in a segment of industry where you keep the wheels turniing - rejoice. Troubleshooting will polish your analytical skill. And you'll have a career surrounded by interesting people.

    By all means finish up.

    if you enjoyed electomagnetism and physics, well, that is a rather unusual thing for students to like.
    To me it hints to a practical streak that is frankly sorta rare. I looked for it when interviewing prospective engineers.

    the Lord may have special plans for you. Don't stop now.
  7. Oct 24, 2011 #6
    You should be fine with the GPA pending two things:
    1. You actually understand the theories behind the subject matter
    2. You don't expect to make $90K right out of college.

    Be willing to work hard and learn in both school and in your career path and you will become successful.
  8. Oct 25, 2011 #7
    If you are good in Calculus, then you'll be fine. I hope you get at least a B in multi-variables as this is very important for EM. Then what brought your GPA to 2.3? If you are good in the major subjects and did badly in the electives, it's ok. The most important thing is you understand the subject.

    The lower division electronics are not hard, you'll have time to catch up, so go for it, don't have to worry about stop for half a year.
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