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Suggestion: tagging system

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    For me physics forums would be a better place if it were more organized according to topic. For example, if someone posts a question about light reflection in quantum physics, that there can be a sort of hierarchy of topics in quantum physics, so it can be tagged and found there. So if someone comes to PF looking for Neutron Star Radiation questions, they can follow categories in the fashion that mathworld.wolfram.com has, and find what they need. The permissions for tagging can be debated, but I think this sort of organization would be valuable to lower the amount of repost questions and increase the ability to find things here. Sometimes the search engine just isn't what you need...
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    We already have a tag system, unfortunately people do not know how to use it. For example someone tagging a thread on "earth's magnetic field' will create 3 tags "earth" "magnetic" "field". Obviously anyone looking for "earth's magnetic field" will probably never find that thread because it will be buried under those three separate topics.

    I'm not making this up, I see this all of the time.
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