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Suggestions A Good Book?

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    Ok, so I am a third year astrophysics student.

    Half way in to first semester and everything is good apart from Quantum Mechanics! with help I can do questions and im understanding it but everytime I get a new question I find it really hard.

    The reccomended text is "Quantum Mechanics" by F. Mandl, it is a very helpful book however I was wondering if anyone else can reccomend a good book which is less proofs and derivations and more questions and solutions to get some practise?? Preferably a 'user friendly' book!

    Thanks :)
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    I always found my undergraduate QM text to be quite readable. Its "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics" by Griffiths. Excellent book.
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    J. J Sakurai - Modern QM

    "Shock Treatment"
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    Thanks guys, I will look into them, im really struggling coming to grips with the notation explained in the lectures, prehaps a different explanation will help!
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    "Lectures on quantum theory: mathematical and structural foundations" by Chris Isham.
    "Quantum mechanics: a modern development" by Leslie Ballentine

    Isham's book is easy, and perfect as a supplement to whatever you're studying for your first QM class. It includes a few excercises with complete solutions, but its emphasis is on the structure of the theory. Ballentine's book is excellent. I think it should eventually replace Sakurai as the standard advanced text. It would however be a terrible choice as a first book. It should be your third (after e.g. Griffiths and Isham).

    Also note that there's a science book forum here, where you can find lots of threads like this one.
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    Thanks again, I will head up to the Library and check them out.

    It isn't my first module its my 3rd Quantum module however the first to deal with the real maths behind quantum mechanics and looking at Dirac Notation!
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