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Suggestions about future career

  1. Nov 27, 2014 #1
    Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am a high-school student and I'm a senior. I'm very interested in engineering and programming, and also space. Could you please help me decide what profession or career to choose? I mean major in college. The first thing that comes to mind is Aerospace engineering, but it is different, there are different engineers in this field. Plus, it doesn't or almost doesn't involve programming. Before considering engineering I was completely sure I was going to become a computer programmer. I have skills in both programming and some engineering, I have done some projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and did stuff myself like Tesla Coils (just for fun). I want my job to involve a descent amount of time programming and also engineering. I like making stuff or thinking about how to make stuff, like how to make an engine (I have a project of a rocket controlled by raspberry pi with a diy engine, that can stabilize the rocket etc). And I also like space. Well, this is more optional. If you can give me some suggestions that don't include space - it's fine. Thank you in advance!
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    A friend of mine recently came up with the theory: "If you are good with computers, no matter what field you do your degree in you will always end up programing". Sounds silly, but I did not have a counter-example at hand (in fact I actively try to get away from programming but always end up doing it). I am pretty sure that if you want to program you will find a lot of opportunities to do so in engineering.
  4. Nov 30, 2014 #3
    Programming is a necessary skill for most engineers. They usually don't have to be exceptionally good or organized about it, but they do need to be competent. What separates engineers from programmers is that along with basic programming skills, they have to know about the things they're programming for.

    If you like both knowing about the things you build and programming for them, I suggest a focus on robotics, or control systems. This field is fairly heavy on math, but it can also be very practical, hands-on, and generally such engineers earn decent salaries.

    Fair warning: I am a control systems engineer. I have an electrical engineering degree. That's my bias.
  5. Nov 30, 2014 #4
    Thank you for the replies! Much appreciate it!
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