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Suggestions for 4th yr Thesis? HELP!

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    Hey all,

    I have to start thinking bout a 4th yr thesis and to be honest its quite difficult coming up with something thats, different, interesting and not too advanced! If anyone has any ideas for a research project, or knows of a site i can get ideas from please post.

    My main interests are in;

    Computational physics
    Quantum mechanics
    Partile physics
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    You shouldn't SPAM the forum like this. Read the Rules!

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    You should not double or triple post. That's a big no-no according to the PF-guidelines.

    And another thing : you are asking a question that only you yourself must and can solve. What are YOUR suggestions (naming some possible areas is not making any suggestions) ?

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    For each of the 4 subjects you should have a background.Do you have compulsory prior knowledge...?

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