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hi...i am laila,
I am quite young for this forum coz half of the things went above my head
I entered this site through google while searching for something...actually i am in 12th grade. i need to do a physics project in which i can make anything related to physics..can anyone please suggest a cool thing which has a simple apparatus and is not time consuming..
i will really be grateful
'make anything related to physics' is a bit broad isn't it?
There must be more guidlines than that.... (Also, us 'foreigners' don't know what age '12 grade' is!)

Consider.. a motor, a speaker, an alarm system.........???????
Grade 12 is the last year before university, so it's about age 17-18.
yah right i am 17 yrs old..but nething related to physics in the sense tht something like an alarm..but then i cant find a proper site..or proper..anything..i am out of ideas


Anything Else?


cause these sites ARE really good actually.
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Re: Anything Else?

Originally posted by QuantumNet

cause these sites ARE really good actually.

thnks alot for the help though u cudnt help much coz it was a bit too advanced..i need something based on electric and magnetic concepts...something to make like a burgular alarm and stuff..but i want something cool! easy and not time consuming
Re: Re: Anything Else?

Originally posted by Laila
i need something based on electric and magnetic concepts...
There are lots of interesting links about electric and magnetic phenomena here,

but it's a disorganized site, so you may have to search around a lot to find something good.

Maybe you could try building an electromagnet or an electric generator or something ...

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