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  1. I am looking for an alloy which has its protons in a randomized spin state? I.e. not affected by gravity.

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.
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    This makes no sense. One does not appear to understand the nature of spin.

    Protons are the lighest member of the baryons. Gravity will affect them, and gravity will affect all nuclei.

    Alloys are conglomerations of atoms of different elements, in which the atoms form metal crystals within polycrystalline metal structures. The grains generally have random orientation, although they might have preferential orientation.

    One will not be able to affect the protons within the nucleus of any atom within an alloy to any significant effect.
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    So! You're in the market for some unobtainium!
  5. So there are no alloys to your knowledge where the proton spins of the atoms are randomized and will not automatically align themselves with the gravitational field? I am asking because I once heard a quantum physicist state that there was such an alloy.
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  7. Thanks, although I can reassure you that this question has nothing to do with anti-gravity research, just in case you were wondering!
  8. Well that's disappointing ;)
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