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Suggestions for an interesting physics topic which i can research/do project on

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    hi, im looking for any suggestions as to an interesting and relatively deep (but not too deep) topic to do a presentation on. This can be anything to do with physics e.g the collapse of the tacoma narrows bridge, particle physics, time travel, the doppler effect or any physics phenomena. Any help would be much appreciated, thanx.
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    Time travel is a good. depenind on how good you are, you can talk about special relativity and its consequences on our traditional view of time as an absolute quantity.
    There is always Time dilation to explain (quantitatively with eg if possible) as speed tend to speed of light. The travelling twins paradox is also a good one to mention
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    I did a project like that for an English term paper. My teacher hated me after that, I think it was partly because she left it to read for last and so had to rush through it. It was a good paper though.
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    yeah ive had a look at it, it does look interesting just i dunno whether id have the brains or the time to pull it off really....its pretty deep stuff....i mean im no idiot but at the same time im no stephen hawkins either :)
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