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Suggestions for field engineering positions; powerplants, oil wells, etc

  1. Apr 10, 2012 #1
    Hey everyone, before I get into things, I should probably let you know something about myself. I have one semester left before earning my ME undergrad degree. Naturally, I'm thinking about the best ways to start off my career. I've had two internships, one working in power plant operations and another in HVAC/plumbing design. Of the two, I much preferred the powerplant. After I got tired of sitting at my desk, I could normally find a reason to get up and romp around the plant for awhile. I like to be 'in the field' so to speak and use my knowledge to troubleshoot existing systems. I think you get the picture, i like to be active and not sit at a desk ALL the time. I realize desk work is unavoidable in engineering, but I don't want it to be the only thing I do.

    Moving on, I've been trying to identify various field engineering positions that would fit my interests. I could probably go the powerplant route but I've also thought of things like working in oil exploration/drilling, or some contracting positions might fit the bill. However, contracting does not appeal to me as much.

    So, what are your suggestions for further research into "field engineering" positions? Have you worked in an area that might be considered field engineering and if so, what did you do and did you enjoy the work?

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