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Suggestions for projectile motion

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    Hey everyone,

    I have to derive and use equations for a projectile motion prject. I already know how to derive the equations but I need help in coming up with a situation in which I can use the equations. I want a really advanced use of projectile motion.

    I have some ideas like in artilleries and so on in the millitary but i wanted something that is more advanced like landing a space ship on earth (if it is considered a projectile). So all i am asking is for a suggestion for what you think is the most advance use of the projectile motion equations.

    Thank You
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    Start with hitting a target at a different altitude. That's pretty tough.

    How about calculating the optimal angle for launching a projectile up a slope?

    Landing a spaceship involves dealing with changes in gravity with altitude which is pretty tough.
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    Landing a spacecraft will be a tough project. With the speeds involved, you will need to do the entire thing in polar (or spherical) coordinates. Including drag will make it even more difficult still. You'll need to include lift and drag effects which are non-linear with altitude, and all motion is elliptical - not parabolic.

    Have you studied rigid body rotational dynamics? Try modeling a football with air drag.
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