Suggestions, if you would, for a Trig. book.

Hi guys, this is my first post. I'm at the beginning of a hopefully long venture into mathematics and physics. As mathematics is the expressive language of physics, I've felt it natural to brush up on it. I'll be taking Calculus in the beginning of my next school semester, and would like to sharpen my skills over the summer. I've already purchased Calculus: An Intuitive Approach. I'm somewhat in limbo, however, in my search for a Trig. book that can match it.

Trig. - 7th Edition: I've examined this book, and found it to be too counter-intuitive. I'm searching for something that goes more into proofs and reasons for formulas and theorems, rather than giving cursory explanations. Price, if possible, needs to be on the low end - $50 or less if possible. Ideally, it will have problems with, at least, some accompanying answers. Thanks in advance!


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Good Trigonometry books hardbound can be found for much less than what that "Trig. 7th Edition" page shows. Can you find some local supply of used textbooks? You could use and search on, but DO NOT NEED Amazon. Check with your local libraries for their booksales.

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