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Suggestions Needed!

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    I have a project about "c a r o b" tree products. I need to choose a "c a r o b" product that I can write about and even produce as a project. It's a big part of my grade, so I need suggestions!!! I want something other than chocolate!

    Note: Please don't write the word "c a r o b" as such, without the letters sticked together! My friends read Physics Forum, and I don't want to end having the same project as somebody else!
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    Your wish is granted... I will not write the word "carob" as such without the letters sticked together (as you have) and will instead refer to "carob" in the usual manner... carob. (I'm also losing the quotes)

    You could study the extraction and flavor profile of carob pods processed by a civet. You could call the product Carob Luwak. If you can't find a civet, you could also use a weasel. It should yield material that can be used to make a refreshing drink with a distinctive taste.
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    Please Edit your c a r ob

    Please edit your C a r o b word. I made a mistake, sorry!
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    jim mcnamara

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    I think chemistree is having some fun.

    You are the one to decide, not us. You could determine the wax content of carob beans vs unprocessed chocolate, for example. The chocolate we eat is primarily a waxy substance (cocoa butter and cocoa solids), treated with alkali (dutched), then mixed with sugar and more fat/wax. Chocolate beans are fermented before they are used.

    Carob is different. It can be eaten fresh, but usually is used other ways.

    Though it is a traditional food, human consumption of carob is relatively low, escpecially when comapred to chocolate. Two main uses for it are as animal feed, and extracted seeds (called locust seeds) provide locust bean gum - which you find in desserts like ice cream.

    You could do an ice cream label comparison looking for locust bean gum (or extract) vs other thickeners.

    I'm sure chemistree as well as myself do not think much about the "c a r o b" trick.
    This forum is not primary school.
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