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Suggestions of Books for Self Study?

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    I need some suggestions on books for self study in the fields of Special Rel, Electricity and Magnetism, and Electrodynamics. My current math level is on par with Calc 3 (vector analysis and multi-v cal), ordinary diff eq, and linear algebra. I am looking for books on starter courses of each of the subjects listed above for self study. I would like a special rel book that is somewhat rigorous (but not so much as to be a lead in to G-rel, although that is my main goal ;P), again this is a first course for me. For the E&M book I am looking for more of a book that introduces Maxwell's equations and non-relativistic electromagnetic theory. And finally a book on Electrodynamics that brings together special rel and E&M. I would like to emphasize this is a first for me, so please no books that assume more mathematics than I have listed (unless it is self contained and teaches what I need), or prior knowledge of the material at hand.
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