Suggestions on any good Niels Bohr sites

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    suggestions on any good Niels Bohr sites....

    Taking a summer physical science class..and my presentation is on Niels Bohr....I wanted to know if there were any good sites anyone can point me to. THX :)
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    I do not know how much do you know already about Bohr, but Wikipedia has a good summary and overview of his biography,

    There you can find also links to other sites and a collection of some of Bohrs quotes, which reflect his interesting thoughts about paradoxes and opposites (which are summarized in his maxim “contraria sunt complementa”).

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    Again, this is a good time for me to re-emphasize that physics organizations such as the APS (American Physical Society), AIP (American Institute of Physics), IoP (Institute of Physics), EPS (European Physical Society), etc. have a wealth of info, links, resources, etc. They are an excellent place to start on ANY search about physics, physicists, physics students, physics departments, physics history, and other stuff.

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