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Suggestions on buying a new system

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    I'm getting ready to buy a new system - I haven't been keeping up with the latest benchmarks, as far as CPU's and motherboards go. To give a little reference the last system (x86) I bought, was a 1.4ghz AMD Thunderbird, and now it's time to upgrade.

    As far as setting some parameters, Dual CPUS is no concern (at least not for this system), and somewhere around $600 for the motherboard and CPU. I'd prefer to stick with AMD, perhaps one with one of the Barton cores, but I have no idea on a motherboard.

    Have Opterons gained any ground?

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    512MB DDR
    http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicat...-details.asp?EdpNo=1046210&Sku=E400-C2825 KIT
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    get a dual Athlon 64 3200+ system.

    you will get more performance boost out of the dual CPU set up because processes will get more time on a Processor than if you just cranked up the Clock speed. also, might I suggest that if you are building, to go with a Seagate barracuda hard drive, and the Pioneer 108 DVR Drive.

    the opteron is super overkill for you. the Athlon 64 3200+ will do you fine.
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    And how do you know the Opteron is a super overkill for me? No offense, but nowhere in the last post did I state what the purpose was for buying the machine.
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    What form factor are you looking for?
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    it was a simple inference from the fact that the last computer you bought was not a server class processor. since when do you have to be explicit for some one to see what your needs are? but fine, you want to blow money on a CPU that will not offer you anything more than an athlon 64 will, go ahead.
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    definately wait for pci express to come out for the processor you will be using.

    im wating until the beginning of next year for PCI express to come to the athlon64.
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    What will the computer be used for
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    I'll be using it as a general workstation, which includes running Matlab, Mathematica, Visual Studio, VMware, etc.
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