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Homework Help: Suggestions on Forces/Kinetic Problem

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    I have completed this problem; however, i am wondering how the rest of you -- more experienced -- students/teachers perform such a problem. How do you personally begin a problem like this (do you first attempt to visualize it, etc.).

    I can not recall the main variables, although i will try to outline the problem.

    One weight is on a ramp at e.g. 60 degrees. There is a second mass attached to the first and hanging at the end of the ramp (pully system). You are not given the mass of the second mass, but are given the mass of the first. Once the pully system is begun, the first mass on the ramp flies off (in a projectile motion) the ramp and hits a target. You are given the distances of the ramp, and from the end of the ramp to the target. You are also given the heigh of the target.

    Personally, i calculated for the velocity the projectile has (its initial velocity) at the end of the ramp. I then calculated for acceleration. Then used the acceleration in the forces equations for the pully system to solve for m2.

    Thank you.
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    Anyone at all?

    I'm sorry to sound arrogant, but this is the second thread (posted by me, and another by someone i know) that has not been asnwered in the Homework Help Zone. I am unsure why however, since PF has always been so informative to me and others . I am also confused whether my questions are too abstract and should be much more direct. :) --> :(
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