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News Suicide bombers crash van into mosque

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    I like this news bit because it clearly dissociates the motives of (some?) insurgents from any rational religious ideal. I would have liked to find the same on Aljazeera though.
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    Aljazeera is banned by the American puppet regime of Baghdad.
    If the American care about showing the truth, they should be good example to let ALJazeera and other media working free in Iraq.

    It is funny that Aljazeera have offices in all ME countries (including Israel) except Iraq!!

    Few people will going to believe such news from Iraq, because all the media is controlled by the American occupation army.

    If they bombed the country for 13 years, and invaded it based on pure lies, why we have to believe them now?

    Of course I do not deny that there are ''harmful grass'' among the Iraqi resistance … as we know this resistance is many groups which not organist very well, also they have no political wings to hear their views.

    Currently Iraq is heaven for organized crimes, terrorists and foreign security agencies which working for their own interests.

    Thanks for the liberators!

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    I'll save russ the effort:

    Iraq is not a puppet regime of America, we are setting up a Free Society which was formerly lacking in this area, we don't let Aljazeera be aired there because it is the most unrealiable news network ever and it would just turn more people against the Americans.

    As I said before the Media is not controlled by the Army, it is an independant, unbiased American network and you can't possibly get better than that.

    Would you rather have Saddam back killing off civilians? The Iraqi's don't.

    This is just rhetoric.

    Your sarcasm is ridiculous, Iraq is much better off with Saddam gone, this is a fact. You have no facts, just biased opinions and Hyperboles from Aljazeera.
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    *suppresses giggles so as not to offend Russ* :rofl:
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