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Suitable material

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    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone suggest a raw material that has the properties similar to steel and produce less noise when meshing with other part. I thought of polymers like Cast nylon, HDPE etc, but the issue is, it has to withstand a temp of around 200°C, during working condition.

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    Depends what you mean by properties similar to steel, as polymers are in no way similar to steel. Especially Nylon, the very best Nylon i've seen has a Moly filled that has about 0.25- 0.3 the tensile strength of mild steel.

    What application is this for? Why do yo want 'less noise'? What is causing the noise?

    I assume this is a gear as you use the word mesh. If it's gears a redesgin of how the teeth engage is more likely to solve noise problems.
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