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Sulphur dioxide

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    The first step in the manufacture of sulphuric acid involves burning sulphur in air to produce sulphur dioxide. Why must the air used to burn the sulphur be as clean as possible?

    I'm not sure whether or not we should concerned ourselves with:

    1. how the impurity affects the rate of reaction, or

    2. how the impurity affects the final product.
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    Just a guess here, but I'd think both. Since the stuff is highly reactive with other substances, and soluble in water, extraneous chemicals and water vapour in the air could rob a lot of it from the intended purpose, and thus slow things down. That would also require separation before the next step, or lots of useless stuff would end up in the mix.
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    yea, Danger got it. Anything in the air (since theres something being burned) will react with the reactants to form a different product.
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