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I Sum of harmonic progression

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    Do you mean the phrase:

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    I think this video makes every thing clearer, thanks jedishrfu
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    Still i don't have any clue/answer for why there is no formula for sum of HP for n terms, and i am not able to open your link
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    Are you asking why there is not a smart formula for the exact sum with k from 0 to n ? The wiki page speaks mainly of integer sum and the clever video of divergence and infinite sum, which are another things.
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    As n grows large, you have [itex]\sum_{k=1}^{n}\frac{1}{k}\approx \ln(n)+\gamma [/itex].
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    there is a nice but not very useful formula :
    [itex]\sum_{k=1}^{n}{\frac{1}{{a}+{b k}}}=\frac{{\psi^{(0)}({{\frac{a}{b}}+{n}}+{1})}-{\psi^{(0)}({\frac{a}{b}}+{1})}}{b}[/itex] where [itex]\psi^{(n)}(u)[/itex] is the polygamma function
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