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I Sum of states

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    if there was a big bang I would assume a countable number of states, if the universe is build of quantum portions
    in time and space?

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    no, I mean one single universe. Every singe step might be countable.
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    What theory (or speculative hypothesis) are you basing this on? Can you give a reference?
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    Sorry, no reference, just a thought, so something speculative.
    How do you set up the boundary conditions while the big bang?
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    We can't really respond to it unless we have some idea what underlying theory or hypothesis you're using.

    Again, what theory or hypothesis about the Big Bang do you want us to use in answering this? (I'm also not sure what you mean by "set up the boundary conditions"; knowing what theory or hypothesis you are using would help with that.)
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    The idea is pretty simple, and it is not mine: It might be that space and time is quantized.
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    Ok, if it's not just your idea, there must be a reference about it somewhere. Can you give one? Where did you get the idea from?
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    What you are suggesting implies a finiteness to the big bang. Since the BB occured everywhere, if everywhere was infinite at the time of the BB, then the BB was infinite. No existing observational evidence rules out this possibility.
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    This is not a logical thought. This is like saying every number divided by 2 is a number. This is true for the real numbers but wrong for the natural numbers. The real numbers or complex numbers are constructions. The same for the process of BB: It makes no sense to letting the BB something obscure, something which happend in a time where there was no time.
    This makes no sense. It is comparable with black holes beyond the horizon. What physics works there?

    Do you really believe in your "prove"? The main problem is that we trust in differential equations, aren't we?
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    It would be best if you can give some reference as to what you are on about, if it is a personal theory:rolleyes:
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    In other words, before we can say whether every "number" divided by 2 is a "number", we need to know what a "number" is and how "numbers" work. In other words, we need a theory of the kind of "numbers" we are talking about.

    Similarly, to know whether it could be the case that "the universe is built of quantum portions of space and time", and what the effects of that would be, we need to know what it means. In other words, we need a theory of "quantum portions of space and time" that tells us how the universe could be built out of them.

    Until you can provide a reference for such a theory, discussion of this topic is pointless. Thread closed. If you can find a reference, PM me and I'll look at it.
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