Sum of the first 50 terms of 1/(n(n+1))

  1. how would you solve for the sum of the first 50 terms of 1/(n(n+1))
    I know how to do it if there is a common denominator--but i cant seem to find one here, can someone please help(btw, question on a test i just had that i couldt figure out, not hw)
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    Are you familiar with partial fractions? If so then you can do the sum very easily! :)
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    Any question related to your coursework should go in homework help, even questions about old exams. :smile: Hang on, I'm going to send the thread for a ride over!
  5. i dont exactly understand what finding a partial fraction would do in order to help find the sum--could u please explain( i believe the partial fractions ar 1/n - 1/n+1
  6. nvm--i figured it out--thanks for the help
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