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Sum of the two sound waves

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    Hi, I need to determine the sum of the two sound waves and express it in the form y=Csin(kx-wt-"theta") where w is omega. The two waves are

    y=Asin(kx-wt) where w is omega
    y=Bsin(kx-wt-"phi") where w is omega

    I used a trigometric formula and got it to the point where it equals

    y=Asin(kx-wt)+B[sin(kx-wt)cos(phi)-cos(kx-wt)sin(phi)] and I have simplified a little but I cannot get it into the form stated above where y=Csin(kx-wt-theta) Any suggestions?

    As well the question states C depends on A,B and phi, and Theta depends on A, B, and phi as well.

    Thanks for your time
    M Goddard
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    Hint: Use complex numbers
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