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Summation - need to get the constant out

  1. May 25, 2013 #1

    I have posted this question in Calculus before, but somebody pointed out that it is basic arithmetic and so I will post it here because of the error hoping I will get a fast reply:

    I have a summation, and need to get the constant C out so that I can eleminate it at a later stage when dividing by a similar summation with the same C. Here it is:


    Where α,β, and C are all constants and I am interested in getting C out.

    Of course, the above problem can be equivalent to the problem of getting C out in the following equation:

    with something like [itex]C\sum^{N}_{t=1}[/itex]...... , that is just one Ʃ.

    any ideas?
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