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Summer classes at a city college

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    Ok guys, what is the difference in going to a city college for summer courses as opposed to the university you currently go to for summer classes (except the $500 difference)? Would grad schools look down on it?

    Also, do grad schools look well upon students who graduate in say, 3 years or 3 1/2 instead of 4 or are they neutral towards them?
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    for most universities, for non-university earned credits, the only thing that shows up on your transcript are the course you took and acknowledgement that you received credit for that course. i took calc 2 at a state school last summer and on my transcript here at syracuse university it just shows that i earned 4 credits for calc 2. it doesn't even list my grade. so my assumption is that as long as you earn the credits, grad schools and such will not pay attention to the details, so long as you have your degree. i could be wrong but thats what i think
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