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Summer Classes

  1. Jun 5, 2006 #1
    For summer session I, I have two classes, Fluid dynamics and Technical Writing.

    I went to Fluids class today, and it was superb :approve:. My professor is an Indian guy who works at NIH. I like his teaching style. He writes on the board beautifully. It's almost like reading a textbook on the board, which he writes all from memory, no notes. The class is small, 25 people, and mostly older people (about 3-4 are in there 30-40's.) He is always calm and when he lectures it's like he's talking to a colleague. It feels like your sitting in a grad class. What a nice change from last semester. :!!)

    It's a lot of work, but thermo felt worse last semester.

    I will see how English goes tomorrow.
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    English will suck.

    Thread locked.

    (Did I do it right?)
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    gj dav2008

    as for cyrus, why does everything seem to go right for you? complain about something....:grumpy:
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    Thing's don't "seem to go right" yomamma, I make them go right.

    There is a big difference.
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    shhh...... you're being mean
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    :rofl: I don't think anybody really enjoys technical writing. It's rather dry and boring. But, it's also very easy to pass the class with a good grade, because you just have to follow the rules to the letter. There's no B.S.ing or needing to be creative, just draw the exploded view of the ballpoint pen and write up the description of the components and get it over with. (Oops, sorry, I just gave away one of your assignments. Does EVERY technical writing course include that assignment? It seems everyone I know who took one had to do it, no matter what university they attended.)
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    Did you even read my thread about my stat final exam yomamma?

    Things don't always go as planned, but you put your foot down and make them go your way.
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    Being old has its good ways, for example you can take classes at summer. I can't . I wish I could take some classes in particle physics at some local university, but actually have no idea whether h.s students are allowed to take'em. I can't find a summer job either, all the previous years I could find jobs with ease, and now it seems like I can't find anything at all. Anyway, I'll spend entire summer vocationing, and learning. That would do good. I also want to do two math classes in parallel so that in second semi-semester, I'll be able to take calculus classes, and then AP physics. Are lectures or classes at your Univ. sometimes recorded Cyrus? If so, feel free to pass out some good video from one of your fluid dynamics classes.
    K, enough.
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    Nope, sorry. Even if they were, I doubt you would have the background to follow what's going on, sorry. Remember, this is summer session. Each day we cover 1 week of material. We just finished two chapters and have homework on the first day of class. The learning curve is steep.
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    Quit complaining

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    Im taking Calc 2 right now at UA.... Hmm
  13. Jun 6, 2006 #12
    Good for you, high school is a waste of time anyways. Quit and start college early.
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    And for good reason - most high school students will make no sense of anything that's covered in such a course. Here's the first part of the first problem from the first homework set in the only particle physics course offered at my department this year.

    "Write down the general form of the interaction term, [itex]{\cal L}^{(Quark)}_{scalar-fermion}[/itex], between Higgs and quark fields in the standard electroweak theory. Verify that [itex]{\cal L}[/itex] is invariant under [itex]SU_L(2) \otimes U(1)~[/itex] gauge transformations. "

    http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~shige/hw1_s06.pdf [Broken]
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    1337:7h15 15 why 1 pwn'd 1337 1n5734d
    3n6|15h(?):This why I took leet instead
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