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Courses Summer courses

  1. Dec 13, 2004 #1
    I have read that bunch of people have taken physics classes and other types of stuff over the summer, where could I find any information on these and any idea what types of courses are out there?
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    For general good science programs here's a good link, mind it covers science fields outside physics as well- http://www.sciserv.org/stp/
    I also have a good deal of experience regarding astronomy-related summer camps, so if you're interested in that here are the two I'd recommend there.
    1. The University of Arizona's Astronomy Camp- http://astronomycamp.org- been to the advanced camp three times and never regretted a moment of it (probably will go out as a counselor this year). Call me odd but I just love the idea of anyone willing to give me a 61" telescope to carry out my observing projects... :cool:
    2. The Summer Science Program- http://www.summerscience.org/home/index.php - never got to go out to this one, 'rents thought it was too long for a camp, but I've heard nothing but good things from friends who have gone.
    Hope this helps!
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