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Programs Summer Internship at CERN

  1. Nov 4, 2016 #1
    Hello! About summer research at CERN, through their program, what does that involves? I mean I understand there will be lectures and visiting and explanations about how the detectors work and all that. But there will be also actual research to lead to a publication or anything like that? Also, how much does this counts for applying to grad school? I guess my main question is, between this CERN summer program and a research at CALTECH for example (assuming I choose CALTECH as my main target for grad school) which one should I choose. If I do a research at CALTECH I can actually get a publication and also a review letter from someone from the inside when applying to CALTECH but on the other hand, CERN is CERN. So what would be the best option? Thank you!
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    Sounds like a luxury problem to me. If you are US based and are open to some international experience, go for CERN. If you are US oriented and want to stay there, go for CalTech. You can't miss !
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